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Yet as Langhamer argues , even as attitudes grew more permissive, with experimentation before and during marriage becoming more common, attitudes towards infidelity hardened.

Despite Ashley Madison furore, our view of infidelity has not always been fixed

So does the tsunami of personal and marital nightmares unleashed by the data from a site like Ashley Madison being made public mean that modern relationships are too close, or endowed with too much importance? Would it be better for cheaters and their spouses if relationships were more economic and pragmatic, and less territorial and sexualised?

It might also be better if we saw a renewal of the art of discretion — itself a kind of pragmatism in a digitised age where commercial promises of security can be so quickly overturned.

Ashley Madison dating site hacked

Here the hackers of Ashley Madison make a good point: Looking back to midth-century Britain, a female volunteer from the sociolological Mass Observer project as quoted by Claire Langhamer put the central, and perhaps distinctly British, role of keeping schtum instead of open censorship or open admission when she said:.

I would never have foreseen … that I would be involved in a significant number of extra-marital affairs or that they would prove part of the life experience of most not all of my family and friends … Such relationships were still spoken about in a whisper, behind closed doors, shocking. An analytical journey measuring contaminants in water around the globe — Portsmouth, Hampshire.

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Conserving the Herringham Collection — Egham, Surrey. Geniuses, Heroes and Saints: Jazz session with Chris Whiter — Egham, Surrey. Available editions United Kingdom. Zoe Strimpel , University of Sussex. Hacking Online dating Ashley Madison. Help combat alt-facts and fake news and donate to independent journalism. You might also like Shhhhh! Most popular on The Conversation Tiny houses look marvellous but have a dark side: Expert Database Find experts with knowledge in: Then, one day in January , Sarah was at home when the kitchen sink sprung a leak.

Shocked, Sarah slammed the laptop shut and called a friend to come round and take a second look. I felt so angry and confused and utterly heart-broken, all at the same time. I threw him out the next day and never looked back.

Eight months later, our divorce came through. Harder still, she admits, has been dealing with the impact of her divorce on her son. Sarah found support through Women Scorned, a non-profit group for women who have been cheated on by their husbands or partners. They break up families, causing so much pain and suffering — and we have to deal with the children and wives and husbands whose lives are destroyed at the click of a button. Despite the extreme ramifications of joining the site, Ashley Madison is astonishingly easy to use. Five credits buys a message to another member and 30 gets you 30 minutes of live chat.

But what really sets Ashley Madison apart from other infidelity websites is its brazen approach to cheating.

Ashley Madison Breach: 6 Lessons

Founder Noel Biderman — a married father of two from Canada who set up the company with his wife Amanda — has claimed that affairs could be good for a marriage as they remove the stress of sexual frustration. The Brits who use it are a diverse bunch — personal trainers, civil engineers, financial advisers, doctors — and range in age from their 20s to late 50s. Most appear well-dressed, middle-class, polite and friendly, hailing from London one-fifth , Manchester 4 per cent and everywhere in between.

If not for the fact they are, by virtue of being on the site, duplicitous cheats, they would come across as eligible. Within an hour of signing up as a new female member, without a profile picture or any identifying details except a user name, age and location, I was contacted by 16 men, 13 of them married.

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One wanted to chat privately; another asked to share his intimate photo album. One even looked as if he was at his own wedding. Another woman whose marriage was ended by Ashley Madison is Jackie, 50, from North Wales, who caught out Peter, her husband of six years, when she recognised his profile earlier this year. We were on holiday in Italy. You could see our villa in the background. Men, too, have suffered heartbreak when wives and girlfriends have started affairs through Ashley Madison. The site was recommended to her by a previous lover, and the end result for me was divorce.

It ruined my marriage and my self-esteem. The worst part was that in her profile, she completely described me in who she was looking to meet. Worse than breaking up individual marriages, experts say Ashley Madison and its ilk are doing untold damage to the institution as a whole. To pretend that adultery is a good thing in an otherwise long-lasting, loyal relationship is utter nonsense.

So do its users deserve to have their identities exposed? Divorce lawyer Georgina Hamblin, director of leading family law firm Vardags, says not: Every third client now has something to do with online infidelity. She is working on a case in which a husband signed up to an extra-marital affairs site in order to catch out his unfaithful wife.

Ashley Madison

But situations like this are becoming all too common. Let the cheaters sweat. They only have themselves to blame if the whole world finds out their dirty little secret. Families shattered by the dating website for adulterers: As millions of cheats face being exposed by hackers 1.

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Share this article Share. I felt so angry and confused. I was sickened to see his face pop up. The site destroyed my marriage of 20 years.

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